Adventures in job hunting

I’m on my way to an interview and I left the house feeling good, I looked nice and professional-black pants, blue 3/4 length sleeve shirt and black heels accessorized with a go get’em attitude!  Then I put my purse down tore arrange my things while waiting for the bus and then position the purse on my lap.  As I go to get up for the bus lo and behold I now have sticky stuff on the upper thigh of my pants.  GRRRR I think to myself.  I get on the bus and begin to look for something to wipe off the sticky stuff, oh wait that’s right I took out the bag of diaper wipes doh!!!! I find manage to find a bottle of water and some napkins my pants arent sticky anymore but now I need a lint brush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh boy isn’t this great..

I’m beginning to think negatively so I take a dI p breath and realize that I am wearing a long button down sweater! I can simply button the middle button while waiting and when I sit down fold the sweater over my lap and anything else I can blame on the lint!!!! OK crisis averted and I;m thinking positive again then I realize that I am watching my connecting bus go boy..oh boy..but wait I look at the time and realize that I got on the early bus and have an hour before my interview.  So here I am at the lovely bus stop bench  for a whole 1/2 with nothing to do, I forgot my book wait no negative I say to my instead I search in my purse waiting for a miracle to appear and I realize that I have a pen, some paper and decide what better to kill some time than to blog!  Is it still a blog if I write it on paper first???  Either way I now have 10 minutes before the bus comes!!!! 

wish me luck on my interview!!!!


About simplys

Mother of 2 girls aged 2 1/2 and 16 months. Work in retail and looking for an outlet to express myself.

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